Why Karupatti House?

“The processed foods industry through its subliminal marketing gimmicks has changed our food habits and has found its niche of fitting into our lifestyle with just convenience as its USP.”

“In this process, we have drifted away from our native-food culture & eventually became the children of processed, factory-grown foods and forgotten the flavours of our land.”

“It’s a good sign that slowly people are realizing and moving towards healthy, nutritious, high fiber foods like - Rice Kanji (Rice Porridge), Koozh (Millet Porridge), Karupatti coffee (Palm Jaggery coffee), Steamed foods and so on.,

A small step in this direction to revive the forgotten tastes of the land to its glory is the birth of Karupatti House - The House of Native Snacks.

Our Native Menu

Bringing back the forgotten flavors of our homeland